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Join FBLA Today

By becoming a member of Ohio FBLA, you join a community of like-minded peers striving to achieve academic excellence. 

Gain Real-World Experience

The best way to prepare for the real world is by facing real world challenges. That's exactly the opportunity you'll have as an FBLA member.

Start a Great Career

FBLA is supported by the some of the best companies in Ohio who recognize the value of the FBLA experience and compete aggressively for the chance to meet and recruit FBLA members. 

Represent Your School and Community

Compete against the best and brightest in Ohio for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be recognized on the international stage. 

Ohio FBLA Partners with Brands You Know & Love

Ready to Join a Chapter?

Join at My School

Join or start a chapter at your local high school with the help of our state officer team. 

Join the Virtual Chapter

Don't have a chapter at your high school? No worries--the virtual chapter is here to help! Contact Eric McGarvey for details. 

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